5 Questions to Ask Electricians Before Hiring Them

Need to hire an electrician? In Ontario there are a vast number of contractors available, but not all are of the same calibre. In order to suss out the superb from the so-so, you’ll first need to find a few potential candidates. A good way to locate contenders is by asking friends, family members, colleagues and neighbours for recommendations. A Google search in your area can also lead to some promising possibilities.

Once you have a list of several potentials, pick up the phone and set up some interviews. Undoubtedly you’ll want to ask about specifics pertaining to your particular project but in addition, answers to the following five questions are pertinent and should be asked of any contractor that comes to your property.

1. Are you licensed?

Licences ensure that the contractor has the requisite training to be an electrician. In Ontario, in order to be a legally practising electrician each tradesperson must complete an apprenticeship of no less than 9,000 hours (the equivalent of five years’ experience). 

2. Are you insured?

Insurance is necessary to protect your property and guard against your own possible liability in the event that something major should go amiss. Electric work can be dangerous and the last thing you want is to be the one footing the bill should someone be injured or damage to the property occur. Any contractor you hire should have coverage from the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB). The minimum amount covered is two million, though some companies have even more. 

3. How much experience do you have?

The best electrical contractors have a hefty amount of experience behind them. This is natural as experience, after all, is the best teacher. An experienced electrician can identify possible pitfalls before they arise, and recognize the superior option when several ways to fix a problem are possible. For this reason, experience doesn’t just mean the job will be done right; it also often equates to a job done at the most affordable cost to you. 

4. Who will do the actual work?

Not every contractor does the work themself. Some have employees and others hire subcontractors. Those who use subcontractors may not have insurance that covers these workers, so it’s best to inquire about the particulars. 

5. Do you offer warranties on work and/or parts?

The best electrical contractors offer warranties—and stand by them. A minimum of one year on parts and labour should be offered. 

An electrician in Ontario who has it all

S&S Electrical Services Inc. is licensed, insured and experienced—we’ve been at work for over 30 years! Every electrician on our team is fully qualified and licensed under Ontario guidelines. Additionally, all our service work comes with a one-year warranty on parts and labour. Finally, we’re proud to say our customer service is second to none. Contact us today to get a free estimate for residential, commercial or industrial electrical work in Hamilton, Ancaster, Brantford, Burlington, and surrounding areas.

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