Safety Tips from Electricians in Burlington

Safety Tips from Electricians in Burlington

Since 1988, S & S Electrical Services Inc. has been Burlington’s full-service residential, commercial, and industrial electrical contractor, committed to providing a full range of cost-effective, quality electrical services to all of our customers. S & S Electrical Services Inc. only employs highly trained, licensed service technicians and are proud to be a participating member of the Electrical Safety Authority’s (ESA) Authorized Contractor Program. This program recognizes contractors who consistently perform a level of electrical wiring and installation work that reinforces public electrical safety. ESA’s primary activities are: identifying and targeting leading causes of electrical safety risk; ensuring compliance with regulations; promoting awareness, education and training; and collaborating with stakeholders to improve the state of electrical safety in Ontario.

To help keep you safe, from the ESA, here are five hidden electrical hazards in your home, and their safe usage: 

Extension Cords

  • Are handy for temporary use only, permanent wiring requires a Licensed Electrical Contractor;
  • Never - remove the third prong, run extension cords under carpets or under heavy furniture, or expose extension cords to heat and water; 
  • Always - throw out cords that are frayed, cracked, squished or heat up when in use; and, 
  • Use the right cord - there are special extension cords rated for use with appliances, and for outdoor use.

Plugs and Outlets

  • Never - overload electrical outlets by plugging in too many plugs; and
  • Always - use an approved power bar, replace any broken or missing switch plate covers, and install Ground Faults Circuit Interrupters (GFCIs) in your bathrooms, laundry rooms, and outdoors.

Light Fixtures

  • Never - exceed the recommended bulb wattage and use the recommended bulb type in all fixtures; remove the insulation or any other component of a light fixture when installing; and 
  • Always - use the right pot light for the job –insulated or uninsulated - using the wrong one could cause a fire.

Product Safety

  • Check that all your electrical appliances have recognized approval marks and meet the electrical safety requirements for Ontario; and
  • Make sure electrical cords on your appliances aren’t loose or damaged.

There are also the more generalized electrical hazard warning signs of your home’s electrical system, don’t ignore dim, flickering or surging lights; fuses that constantly blow or breakers that often trip; outlets that don’t work when the fuse is replaced or breaker is reset; switches or fuses that are hot to the touch (turn them off immediately); or a hot, burning smell where you can’t find the source. There’s also the standard warnings that everyone should be aware of like remember when working outside with a ladder to look up to avoid overhead powerlines, and call Ontario One to mark where electrical cables are before you dig for deck supports, fence posts, and other projects.

A Licensed Electrical Contractor, like the highly trained, licensed service technicians at S&S Electrical Services Inc can help you assess and address these or any other potential electrical hazards. When you experience electrical problems at your home or office, and need fast repairs done right, contact S & S Electrical Services Inc. at 905-574-3957 today or toll-free at 1-800-561-0892 for service across Southern Ontario.

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