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Save Money with the LED Lighting Program for Small Businesses

We at S & S Electrical Services Inc. have been residential, commercial and industrial electrical contractors in the Hamilton, Ancaster, Brantford and Burlington areas since 1988. From simple service calls to designing the electrical systems for large facilities from the ground up, we’re proud to serve our community in any way we can. We are proud to work with local business owners to let them know when there’s an opportunity to improve their facilities and save money.

The Small Business Lighting Incentive Program offered by Save on Energy with the support of the Green Ontario Fund finds ways to incentivize small businesses to update their facilities’ lighting systems to make them more ecologically and economically friendly. Updating commercial lighting is not only helping to save the planet but can make your business more competitive and efficient at the same time. 

One part of this program is the LED Lighting Program for Small Businesses offering rebates to businesses in Hamilton and Ontario that want to switch their old incandescent, halogen, or fluorescent lighting to new, more efficient LED lighting.

What Are the Advantages of the LED Lighting Program for Small Businesses?
Depending on your energy requirements, the rebates available to you may vary. You can check out the incentives for upgrading to LED lighting listed on Save on Energy website. There are many advantages to switching to LED lighting from older technologies, including:

  • Saving money with energy efficiency. LED lighting lasts up to 25 times longer than traditional lighting and uses an impressive 75% less energy to get the same results. That means less of your money spent on upkeep. 
  • Brightening your customer’s day. LED lighting is actually made up of many, smaller, differently coloured lights that, when combined, appear white. This method simulates natural lighting more closely and is much more pleasant on your customers’ eyes.
  • Putting your displays in the best light. LED lighting can improve the look of your merchandise in your store. Before your customers buy your products, they have to be convinced. If your lighting drains the bright colours out of your products, they won’t be very appealing.
  • Helping your employees focus. Your employees spend a lot of their day in your business and your success rests at least partly on their performance. Why not give them every advantage and make their workplace as distraction-free as possible with lighting that won’t bother their eyes?

Which Businesses Are Eligible for the Program?
Any business in Ontario whose annual energy demand is less than 100kW or any business that has already been involved in the Power Save Blitz 2008-2010 or Direct Install Lighting programs are eligible. If you’re unsure how best to take advantage of this program, you should consult our commercial electrical contractors at S & S Electrical Services Inc. They can visit your business in the Hamilton, Burlington, or surrounding areas and assess your current lighting issues and needs. Click here to find out how S & S Electrical Services can help you become more ecologically and economically efficient.

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