Contracted by Major Utility to remove high voltage switchgear and transformers from 2 apartment buildings underground vaults and convert to low voltage.

Our scope included

  • Design build based on customers parameters
  • Engineering and Electrical Safety Plan Approval
  • Supply and install all equipment
  • Removal, salvage and disposal of old equipment environmentally and economically


  • Work in confined space
  • Limited access to move 4 ton transformers in tight space
  • Work taking place in high vehicle traffic
  • Limit shut down to convert 1000 KVA services from old to new


  • No accidents or injuries
  • Happy Customer
  • Down time of less than 6 hrs per building
  • No generators required which saved the customer Big $$$
  • Another fantastic job by the S&S Team making the impossible – possible

Thanks to all are partners who participated the project!


Apartment Building #1